Station Rose - "20 Digital Years" 2008
:::::::::::::::::::::::1988 until now

In 1988, Station Rose/STR has been opened as public media lab, exhibition and performance space in Vienna by Elisa Rose & Gary Danner. It can be seen as the essential space for media art in Vienna at that time - digital art became reality in 1988 through Station Rose, with business hours. The virtualization was realized after the move to Frankfurt in 1991.
For the 20th anniversary in 2008 STR wantsto build a real place again, as a temporary, walkable media sculpture, with a timeline of the Digitale Archive as a database, as a performable work-in-progress artwork The virtual and the real morph together on location. STR creates grounding through the building process exactly because of the years of dematerialization and thereby make the complex 0-1 art accessible.STR will perform during the projec, the audiovisual works of Station Rose (1988-2008) wil be accesssible on the LED skin.

20DYwill be
"20 Digital Years - the Movie"
a Digital Archive, a database (in progress).
a walkable media sculpture - it is supposed to beam & sound Inside & Outside, it is about <now>.


I) 1.-30.6.2008: Kunsthalle Wien

the movie

_20 Digital Years - the Movie



- Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt a. M.
- MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied
Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna

- more soon





statement 11.3.2008:

Since the Vienna Station used to be a shop, and therefore was situated on a downtown main street, it rapidly evolved into a public place of art and exchange of ideas & cooperations. Station Rose was online in Vienna for 1 day during our "Sampling Symposium" in 1988.

Digital art is reality since 1988 - through STR, with business hours.

The virtualization was realized after the move to Frankfurt in 1991, but that comes later.

"Der Ausgang dieser Geschichte findet ueberall statt." (press-release march 1988)

See "20 Digital Years" as a digital art-serial, grounded/wired in the present. It is happening now.

So please wait for the next infos, for different art in progress results in different media. We are working on exciting projects with great partners:

______ a web database "STR Digital Archive 1988-2008"
______ webcastings
______ live-performances
______ exhibitions
______"media sculpture"
______ products

"Cyberspace is Our Land!"

stay with us

Station Rose
Gary Danner & Elisa Rose


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