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"Ornamental_409" for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

installation & campaign_animated

Station Rose created the installation "Ornamental_409" for the F.A.Z.-Lounge at Nacht der Museen, Staedelmuseum, Frankfurt, 25/4/09 _______:


<Ornamental_409> is a digital-audiovisual


composition, composed exclusively for F.A.Z., consisting of abstract reduced loops.
5 takes of the AV-piece have been used, each circa 3 min. long.

Furthermore, Station Rose remixed & animated the "F.A.Z. campaign",
updating and recombining (frozen) stills by Gerhard Richter,
Ben van Berkel, Andreas Gursky, Georg Baselitz, Yehudi Menuhin, Billy Wilder, Helmut Jahn, Hilmar Kopper, Marcel Reich-Ranicki and others.

The final DVD running non stop that night had a length of 16 min., incl. the campaign.


still from the video "F.A.Z. campaign"

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