:::::___________________ Station Rose "live@home_2" vinyl.
Label: Gunafa
distributed by Neuton, worldwide
+49-69 82 97 44- 0 fax -50


The vinyl "subversion" is the second release of the series "live @home" by Station Rose, where current audiorecordings of the live-multimedia webcasts at <http://www.stationrose.com> are released.

Track B1 "subversion": A sugarsweet orchestral sample gets sliced up by synthetic drums, while the percussion is triggered by an external rythm device over a vocoder.

Track B2 "eclipse" was produced during the day of the total eclipse 11.8.99. Freeform vocals by Elisa Rose, synthsolos influenced by John Coltrane conjure a hypnotic mood.

Track A1 "indoor=outdoor" builds up over a driving bass riff & experiments with reverbs & jazzy licks.