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NEW BOOK out now:_____ "20 Digital Years plus" 1988 - 2010 ->
CD & DVD incl.

The new Station Rose BOOK, coming with Audio-CD & DVD, has been developed by STR from the database <20 Digital Years - the Digital Archive>.


above: cover, paperbook with flaps

2 Station Rose book-presentations happened at Austrian Cultural Forum London & at Furtherfield space in London in february 2011.

"The Digital Art of Station Rose started in Vienna in 1988, at a time when the Web still was far beyond mainstream, when Mondo 2000 never had heard about the music genre "Techno", when future net-art-critics still mostly were university students, and when the Iron Curtain was surrounding Austria´s east, south east and north border.......
The latest art of Station Rose refracts the logistics and glitches of the Internet through the deceptively low-fi aesthetic of contemporary art's installations and performances. "Twenty Digital Years Plus" shows how this fits into their history
of using the viruses of visual, verbal and computer language to find insightful ways of conceptualising digital culture". Rob Myers/furtherfield.org

read the press-article here:


book with 192 pages, an audio-CD with 74:42 min, and a DVD with 81.37min.

vfmk published by Verlag für Moderne Kunst Nürnberg

available here at amazon.de

Station Rose 20 Digital Years plus. 1988–2010 –>
paperbook with flaps 16,5 x 22 cm
192 pages., german/engl.
Euro 40,00/sFr 64,00
ISBN 978-3-86984-111-3

Publication with DVD and Audio-CD
with works from 1988 until today


__________________________________________________________________________________------- - with texts and statements by:
Peter Noever (preface), Howard Rheingold, Bruce Sterling, Gabriele Horn, Vitus H.Weh, Didi Neidhart, Peter Weibel, Dr.Hans Diebner, Christoph Tannert, David Hudson, Terence McKenna, Elisabeth Zimmermann, Doug Millison, Dr.Timothy Leary, Elisa Rose, STR, u. a.

"Media art is both an art form and a way of life for Station Rose. Twenty digital years have by now assured them a permanent place in the cyberspace hall of fame — and not only there." Peter Noever, 2010



Station Rose, that is Elisa Rose and Gary Danner, summarises 20 Digital Years and at the same time delivers a current description of the situation with a visionary potential. As pioneers of media art, Station Rose found a language back in the early days of the Internet, for this ephemeral, fast phenomenon in a state of permanent change, coined terms and keywords such as »Cyberspace is our land«, »Nature is Cool«, "Digital Bohème", among others, who made virulent artistic and social conditions discernable, and thus comprehensible. Elisa Rose and Gary Danner are considered to be innovators and visionaries in the field of audiovisual art, electronic music, net art and audiovisual live performance.With »New Media Arte Povera«, Station Rose is reacting to the omnipresent crisis, rematerialising media art and showing textile objects and framed wall pieces. One part of the book is dedicated to the media sculpture »LogInCabin«, exhibited for three months in 2009, in the MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna.


Audio CD (74:42min) _______________________________DVD (81:37min)

"Station Rose had every right to claim 'cyberspace is our land.' They were there very early, they raised their antennas and put down deep roots, and they never left." -- Bruce Sterling, 2010

- take a look at the CD & DVD menues and tracklists, book p.182-183
- DVD-programming by msm-studios, munich, Dominik Fritz and team msm-logo

-. Audio CD - post production by Jens Fischer

Graphic design: Tom Albrecht (the simple society), Rosina Huth
Photo collages: Elisa Rose
Text (if not stated otherwise): Gary Danner, Elisa Rose
Editing and Proof-Reading: Silvia Jaklitsch, Station Rose
Translation: Michaela Alex, Susanne Eder, David Hudson, Station Rose
Cover Photo: Wolfgang Woessner/MAK

Photo credits:
Wolfgang Woessner/MAK, Elfie Semotan, Bill Bayer, Otto Saxinger, Ernst Stratmann, Marcel Houf, Station Rose Archive, Jens Fischer, Dorle Bahlburg, Reinhard Mayr, Stephan Wyckoff, Edgar Herbst, Henning, Anke Peters, Heribert Kansy, Angelika Fertsch Röver, Daniel Siegler, Edith Held, Thomas Feuerstein, Bruno Vaplon, Harry Nilsson, Wolf Lieser, Ernst Pabeschitz.

many thanks to:

Peter Noever, Gabriele Horn, Howard Rheingold, Hans Diebner, Kunsthalle Wien, Elfie Semotan, Vitus H. Weh, Bruce Sterling, Ute Meta Bauer, Peter Weibel, David Hudson, John Coate, Didi Neidhart, Timothy Leary, Doug Millison, Christoph Tannert, Stella Rollig, Geert Lovink, Elisabeth Zimmermann, Silvia Jaklitsch, Tom Albrecht, Rosina Huth, Achim Fey, Terence McKenna, Otto Saxinger, Wolfgang Woessner, Bill Bayer, Jens Fischer, Martina Kandeler-Fritsch, Christian Wymetal, Bernadette Boecker, Marcel Houf, Edgar Herbst, Reinhard Mayr, Liselotte Hentschläger, Britta und Hans Danner, Paul Fischnaller, Marco Rühl, Dorle Bahlburg, Stephan Wyckoff, Ernst Stratmann, Henning, Daniel Merkel, Ernst Pabeschitz, Olivier Dobberkau/dkd, Stefan Bock/msm, Dominik Fritz, Anke Peters, DJ Mark Spoon, André Führer, Angelika Fertsch Röver, Edith Held, Heribert Kansy, Michaela Alex, Susanne Eder, Andreas Kristof, and all who have supported us in those years.

-supported by:

Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin, Stadt Frankfurt am Main – Dezernat für Kultur und Wissenschaft, BMUKK Wien, Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Kultur Land Oberösterreich.

Distributed in the United Kingdom
Cornerhouse Publications
70 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5 NH, UK
phone +44-161-200 15 03, fax +44-161-200 15 04

Distributed outside Europe
D.A.P. Distributed Art Publishers, Inc.
155 Sixth Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013, USA
phone +1-212-627 19 99, fax +1-212-627 94 84 ______


"When I first met Station Rose, they were pioneering the use of real-time multimedia in artistic performance. This was in the early 1990s, before the Web was known to many people. Then and now, they show the way for those who use art and technology to reflect and reflect on each other. Since then, the Internet has made it possible for multitudes to create, publish, and perform, and now, as then, Station Rose continues to show the way. As avant-garde audiovisual artists, they are no longer the rare exception, but are role models and trend-setters for entire populations of online creators. Now, as then, they explore both the potentials and the limits of the media available, concentrating these days on moving media art out of the hi-tech ghettoes of media festivals to more everyday venues and on recycling material. In the beginning, the worked extensively with sampling in their real-time performances. Now, they extract material from their real-time performances and integrate that material into their more permanent works. Now, as then, they question where we are and where we are going. If you want to know where the edge of multimedia performance will be located tomorrow, look & listen to Station Rose today". Howard Rheingold 2010




6.10.2010 (9:30 pm): presentation at Frankfurt Bookfair and
_____________ at OPEN BOOKS, Frankfurter Kunstverein

..........besides having the book presented at the publishers booth 4.1 M507 Verlag fuer Moderne Kunst Nuernberg at Frankfurt Book Fair, STR will make a demonstration of their new piece of art at open books, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Steinernes haus am Römerberg.
entrance is free, start is precisely at 9:30.


12.10.2010 (8 pm):
_____________book presentation at MAK NITE, Vienna

MAK – Austrian Museum of
Applied Arts / Contemporary Art

makniteMAK NITE, TUE / 12.10.2010 / 8pm-12pm
photo: STR-archive, Henning1992

MAK Stubenring 5, Wien 1, Tel. (+43-1) 711 36-0, www.MAK.at

MAK-Säulenhalle, Stubenring 5, Wien 1
Eintritt: €9,90 inkl. MAK-Guide / €7,90 / €5,50 ermäßigt

STATION ROSE 20 Digital Years plus
Buchpräsentation & Medieninstallation
Station Rose (Elisa Rose und Gary Danner) resümieren in Buchform „20 Digitale
Jahre“ (Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg) und liefern gleichzeitig eine aktuelle
Situationsbeschreibung mit visionärem Potenzial. Das dynamische Künstlerpaar
gilt als Pionier und Wegbereiter der Medienkunst, der elektronischen Musik,
der Net-Art und der audiovisuellen Live-Performance.
Zur Buchpräsentation im MAK präsentiert Station Rose eine audiovisuelle
Medieninstallation, die mit verschiedenen Projektionen Ausschnitte der zusam-
men mit dem Buch erschienenen DVD und CD (mit teilweise bisher unveröf-
fentlichtem Material) sicht- und hörbar machen wird.


13.10.2010 (10 pm):
_____________audio-CD & DVD __and book presentation at

skug-logoskug salon, at fluc, Vienna
playing the new CD and DVD, AV-dubplates, Gary Danner DJing.


links to skug here ..........and to fluc here

21.10.2010 (8 pm):
_____________ book presentation at LENTOS Kunstmuseum, Linz

plus : Station Rose in conversation with Didi Neidhart


ES+STRLogInCabin—RaucherInnenzimmer, MAK., Station Rose + Elfie Semotan, C-Print, 50x60 cm, 2008 ________invitation card

link to LENTOS is here


book-tour in progress -->




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