STR_____________FAQs digital since 1988

WHO IS STATION ROSE/STR? Here are some frequently asked questions, answered
by Jerome Lambique.

Q: I just wanted to know where Station Rose/STR is based. Is there a central office from which they work?
A: Gary Danner & Elisa Rose work @home, in Frankfurt/Germany. Studio, office, living space is all in one.

Q: When was Station Rose founded, and by whom, and why?
A: Gary & Elisa have started Station Rose in Vienna in 1988, after they had made their diplomas at the University of Applied Arts.
STR's purpose is to give the 2 of them stage and a shared identity. At the time of the Station«s founding in 1988 there was no other way to get heard and seen in Vienna. In the meantime STR can be seen as the first public media project in Vienna, maybe even in the world.

Q: What did the members of STR love as children and grow up with?
A: Gary was very much influenced by the surrounding sixties-pop-culture, manifesting itself through comics, Beat Club (he vividly remembers The Who smashing a guitar on TV), radio.and magazines.
Elisa has loved the light installation of a childrens «grotto in Linz she grew up with, as well as the fairs of the 60-ies, again with light and sound.

Q: And what do they play now?
A: They play with each other a lot. Playing is their profession & relationship. That way they have created an enormous artistic output.
Gary is fascinated by constructed coincidences in his music, where semi-controlled random parameters shape the compositions and sounds.
Besides building installations Elisa experiments/plays with mediarooms as living rooms recently. She tests how audio-visual art, from DVD or harddrive or the net, can be brought to the living room, how that can become part of the living space, integrated @home you could say. She thinks it is important to get that out from a desktop situation to where people gather - on the sofas, but online. Comparable to the record player in the 60ies. And as performing artists they play onstage and online since the beginning of their career.

Q: What is their relationship to technology?
A: Elisa is the one who has been focussed on digital technology since the 1980ies. She used the C64 when she was at art university, had an Amiga 500 as her first computer. She was digital on from the beginning. And she was one of the first women and female artists who have created and built up digital art and netart. Gary has originally been a more classically trained person who knows to play an instrument. He led the legendary band The Vogue in Vienna in the late seventies. In the mid-eighties he got bored with playing with musicians, and bought a sampler. In 1989 he obtained an Atari 1040ST with notator software. Ever since he has been composing electronica, reaching back to his trustworthy Rickenbacker 330 semi-acoustic once in a while.
They are both pioneeers in using computers for playing together. And they are online since 91.

Q: Where does their inspiration come from?
A: From pop culture, Frankfurter Schule, shopping, supermarkets, TV, toy commercials, punk, contemporary electronica, mother nature, computer games, psychedelic pop music 1965-68, the news, magazines, etc. Nevertheless the samples they use for making their art ist always rendered, generated by themselves, a unique Station Rose material. They have created their own language of sound and visual art, and dont sample TV, other artists stuff,... They call that <the STR-digital archive, 1988-now>.

Q: What is their intention?
A: Mainly to create light-rooms synched with sound. In form of exhibitions, performances, products like DVDs, TV, and sure the net.
To be a strong force in the net, where they live since 91 was their goal on from the start. They created that slogan "Cyberspace is Our Land".