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Elisa Rose & Gary Danner were "out there" before there was a "there" to be "out" in.

 Bruce Sterling,, 2010

_"Digital forms may be made up purely digital, made of computer animations & sounds, as well as from conversation fragments, text animations, or from recordings of real situations.." ______________________________




STR on TV  at  ORF III  & ARD
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july 2016
STATION ROSE on ORF III "Digital Art Diary 3"
2.07.2016 AUT 2016 Länge: 17min     Wiederholung am 04.07.2016, 00:30

STR Digital Art Diary3 link to the 17min programm

Für ORF III & ARDalpha produzieren die Künstlerin Elisa Rose und der Komponist & Musiker Gary Danner eine weitere Folge ihres Fernsehformates "Digital Art-Diary". In der neuen 17 minütigen TV-Sendung treffen Performance (aktuell mit Schwerpunkt auf ihren 4 stündigen Performance-Marathon beim Donaufestival 2016) auf Realmomente ihres Lebens als "Pioniere der Digital Culture" (FAZ), auf abstrakte Bild- & Ton-Sequenzen, auf Unpainted München, auf Gespräche, Skizzen, Archiv-Material & Natur. Die Real-Szenen spielen oft an Orten, welche sich aus jüngsten Performances, Ausstellungen und Installationen oder auf Reisen ergeben.
Am Computer entstandene audio-visuelle Kompositionen, im STR-Studio aufgenommen, welches nach 20 Jahren im Ausland wieder in Wien steht, vermischen sich mit Social Web Mitschnitten & hi-res Inszenierungen.

Gestaltung: Elisa Rose  Musik: Gary Danner

STRonTV full movie 17min

december 2015
STATION ROSE on ORF III "Digital Art Diary 1 & 2"
december 2015

video coming soon.

STR Digital Art Diary3

december 2014
STATION ROSE on ORF "Un_Commercials"
ORF III, Artist in Residence

After many years of Station Rose on German TV (ARD/hr-fernsehen, 2002-06), STR now have their TV program again - this time in Austrian TV channel ORFIII. For this, Digital Natives Elisa Rose & Gary Danner again invented a new format - as short as 3 minutes, which they call "STATION ROSE Un_Commercials", running in between other features, coming as often as 16 times throughout the day.

Digital Art Diary 3


Best of Webcasting Nachspann 26

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  STR  ARD/ hr-fernsehen      #2002-2006

"Best of Webcasting"  at
hr-fernsehen on Astra 1C, Transponder 40. 11,068 Ghz, ARD-Digital.


"Best of Webcasting": 
Parallel to STReaming, Station Rose started with a series of TV productions in  may 2002.

Out of 191 webcasts, which have taken place at since 1999, a special videoedition was re-edited for TV each month.

- how we did it:

1) we STReamed our lives->into the net. •   

2) we did that circa
190 times.

3) we remixed it for TV

“Best of Webcasting”
was on TV every week for 1 hour.


In spring 2002 media artists Station Rose/STR developed the TV series „Best of Webcasting".

The program was shown 4 years from 2002-2006.

STR produced all in all 31 programs, thus generating 31 hours of material of their own.

It can be said that this broadcast has been one of the rare (regular) art TV programs,
antedating a style made popular by youtube etc. later,
- by merging performance, moderation, documentation, interviews,... into a contemporary format.

//each program :

For the STR TV program, performance and audiovisual art have been merged with documentation, moderation & interviews into a contemporary digital artistic format.


- Background
This unique TV-format resulted from live audiovisual Webcasts in the net at,
which STR had started from Berlin & their Frankfurt studio in 1999.

So far around 200 Webcasts have taken place until now, where audiovisual live performances
& interviews with guests in the studio are mixed into new aesthetics in realtime.

A simultaneous working in front & behind the camera(s), encoder & computers has been
The realtime Webcasts were recorded on DV tape- thus allowing to create a
„Best of Webcasting", a remix and re-editing for the medium TV.

- Best of Webcasting_storyboards
the length of each webcast has been ca. 56min. most of the time 3 audio-visual compositions
for 1 series were used. 1 audio-visual composition comes in 2-4 different takes,
finally arranged in the storyboard in a special dramaturgy.

For each program not more than 2-3 compositions have been used, and their different
cut up versions/remixes have been arranged in a chronology.

Information density & tempo meet near-stop & slowness.
Compression is followed by emptyness.

Activity, amidst deliberatedly generated waiting-loops.


inverse publishing: from the internet> TV
The processing for the 1-hour TV program was a new task every month:
sequences, loops, audiovisual samples, text samples & more out of the live Webcasts were recontextualized & rearranged into new structures.

While the Webcasts live on the one-hour improvisation over one principal theme, the TV versions reflect the conventions of the mass medium, processing them into compressed remixes in a unique and critical way.
In contrary to the online versions the length of the tracks gets diminished to 4-8 minutes.

- Trailer
A black-and-white trailer, which has been designed for the program, interrupts the flow at the end of each clip, a minimalistic & colorless break amid the flow of the different takes.
This TV project posed a new challenge for Station Rose, namely to go into the classic medium television on one hand, on the other allocating the new Webcast style, which has been developed in/with the Internet, and to work on a unique style, which also works inside TV.


may 2013

After 20 years in exile Station Rose´s headquarter is in Vienna again.
Amina Handke made this TV program with us in 2011.

100 min TV-documentation

Sat,1.10.2011, 8-10 p.m. prime time on is online now.

_Für ORF III & ARDalpha produzieren die Künstlerin Elisa Rose und der Komponist & Musiker Gary Danner weitere Folgen ihres Fernsehformates "Digital Art-Diary"./enter our TV -world.