Station Rose ART.


Started in January 1999 at the exhibition "crossLinks" in Berlin, it is the continuation of Station Rose MIDI-live performances on a regular basis. The studio is linked over the Internet worldwide: live @home. Netart : Freeform audio-visual jam sessions, in conversation with guests, un-commercials. So far 191 webcasts have taken place. For details please see the book "private://public", featuring 7 of the most interesting conversations (ISBN 3-85266-114-5).


"Best of Webcasting": Parallel to STReaming, Station Rose started with a series of TV productions from may 2002-feb 2006.

Details: Out of the webcasts which have taken place at, a special videoedition is re-edited for TV each month. Selected segments from webcasts, which originally were STReamed as 1-hour audio-visual freeform sessions, are resampled, relooped, morphed, distorted & smoothed, recombined, stretched, cut etc. Inverse publishing - from realtime in the net to TV - lets us play with the language of "the old media". The avantgarde approach of freeform STReaming becomes cut-up and turns into pop with a mass audience in a mass medium. So far STR arrived at "Best of Webcasting 31 ". hessen fernsehen, hr on Astra 1C, Transponder 40, 11,068 GHz.


Distillates out of the flow-motion of live-performances and Webcasts. Time comes to a halt, lets the artist and the observer/listener go into details.
A Virtual Room consisting of son et lumiere, art products and architecture. While a performance is temporary, the installation stays on over a longer period of time.


Digital sounds and visuals are triggered by sequencers. Station Rose improvise live over basic loops, with sound- and visualsworkstations synced by MIDI. We performed at Ars Electronica, Cyberthon and Joypad in San Francisco, Museum of Applied Arts and the Museumsquartier in Vienna, Transmediale in Berlin, Le Batofar in Paris and at Viper in Basel, as well as in every major technoclub in Germany.


Visual micro-distillates out of the flow-motion of live-performances and Webcasts.
micro-distillates are:

Electronic Habitats, Light boxes, videos, c-prints on plexi, prints on cloth.
Furthermore 4 CDROMs since 92, 1 DVD, and 4 books have been produced.

Acoustic distillates of the flow-motion of live-performances and Webcasts.

CDs, vinyls, radio productions.

Since 09.2006 audio-tracks are available at iTunes,musicload and most other download platforms.


Station Rose was the 1st open media lab in Vienna, a place for exhibitions, conferences and symposia, a meetingpoint for artists, musicians, philosophers, curators, writers and scientists. It was situated in the 4th district.