Digital Quarter Century 1988-2013

LiCvid APProach

Elisa Rose & Gary Danner were "out there" before there was a "there" to be "out" in.

-- Bruce Sterling,, 2010

_"A subtle inter-vention at an urban transit space of art, which keeps humming in your brain long after you left." _________________________________

Didi Neidhart




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STR´s contemporary art-space at MQ # A/V performance at Kunsthalle Wien # installation & performance at Ars Electronica # lifetime award #  group-show in L.A. # group-show in Berlin; # "The 90-ies" lecture & exhibit at COCO  # 100min TV-feature on Station Rose # <Frankfurt is closed until further notice> # "Close-Up_410" at Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt # "20 Digital Years plus" Book with CD & DVD incl.booktour, english press # Kunstradio ORF1v"Station Rose Jingles

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STR announces:________________

september 2019
solo show at Ars Electronica 2019

STATION ROSE at Ars Electronica 2019

november 2013
STR´S "DQC-Patterns & Pleats"
at Museumsquartier, Ovalhalle 25/26.11.2013

"Patterns & Pleats" is a brandnew audiovisual installation produced for "Digital Quarter Century_"Patterns & Pleats"" at Ovalhalle/MuseumsQuartier and STR´s Oval Office, consisting of projections, sound, fleece, contemporary art objects made from recycled wood, metal and printed fabric, as well as excerpts from Station Rose´s Digital Archive. Station Rose will perform live there several times.
The Deleuzian pleat meets private (?) ://public, Baroque, audiovisual live performances, rematerialisation, NatureIsCool, New Media Arte Povera, the Crisis and STR´s Digital Quarter Century.

#   Including contributions by Erwin Wurm, Liam Gillick, Geert Lovink, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Howard Rheingold, Dr. Richard Barbrook, Amina Handke, Dr. Thomas Hölzenbein, Peter Noever, Ekrem Yalcindag, Franck Ancel, Angelina Davydova, John Coate, Fischer von Erlach, Klaus Hagenauer, Dr. Motte, Elisa Rose, Gary Danner & others.

# DQC is a current STR-project designed to conserve cultural heritage as viewed from the perspective of artists, the pioneers of digital culture.
 Ovalhalle/MuseumsQuartier Wien Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien
# Opening: day 1: 25.11., 6 - 11 p.m.  day 2: 26.11., 4 - 11 p.m.
# A/V-Performances:   25.11., 8 p.m.     26.11., 8 p.m.
# artist talk: 26.11., 6 p.m.

= Digital Quarter Century_"Patterns & Pleats" Museumsquartier Vienna 25 & 26.11.2013
# a 2 days/nite installation by STR, a new exhibit including performances.
# with contributions by collegues.
# A/V performances.
# The Digital Archive gets active.
# brandnew compositions will be performed.

# Supported by BMUKK.
# Thanks to: Dr.Christian Strasser/MQ,  Fertigrasen Zehetbauer, dkd Internet Service GmbH,
Daemwool, Rudi Pumberger, Gerald Neulinger, Franki Ablinger, Mel Greenwald
and all who contributed.

september 2013
"Digital Quarter Century_ShelTeR" AV/installation & arseperformances at - Ars Electronica Linz, 5-9.9.2013


Station Rose, founded 25 years ago by visual artist Elisa Rose (AT) and musician/composer Gary Danner (AT) as Vienna’s first address of the open digital leading edge, has reached in 2013 the Digital Quarter Century mark/DQC. DQC is a current project designed to conserve cultural heritage as viewed from the perspective of artists, the pioneers of digital culture.
A Playhouse

STR has now created DQC_ShelTeR as a playable installation, an A/V sculpture, a digital archive, a playhouse for grownups, an effort to avoid losing an overview of the data.
--DQC-ArsE2audiovisual sessions...DQC data are looped into new A/V material composed especially for the Festival....
the world premiere of the DQC_ShelTeR performance will, in turn, be partly recorded.
see the flickr-album here :

5.9. 14:00, 6.9. 16:30, 7.9. 13:00, 22:00, 8.9. 15:00, 22:00

Opening Hours installation
Thu 5. 9. 12:00 – 24:00, Fri 6. – Mon 9. 9. 10:00 – 21:00 at Tabakfabrik Linz

live broadcast at OE1, Kunstradio SUN 8.9. 23:00

link Ars Electronica____read an interview at the Ars Electronica Blog____
& here is the Schedule

photos by Walter Pichler, Station Rose, David and Galstaun
supported by: Stadt Linz Kultur, Ars Electronica,



june 2013

"XXX-Tetris" AV/installation at Phonomuseum Wien

open in june WED-FRI16-19h ............... Mollardgasse 8/2/16, A-1060 Wien

may 2013

"Gunafa Clubbing_Digital Quarter Century" AV/Performance at Kunsthalle Wien

„Gunafa Clubbing - Digital Quarter Century_Version“

A/V performance
Friday, 24 May

KUNSTHALLE WIEN, Museumsquartier

Station Rose
“Gunafa Clubbing_Digital Quarter Century_Version”
A/V Performance

sound-documentation can be found at soundcloud
video-docu coming

STR at Kunsthalle 2012

As pioneers of digital culture, Elisa Rose and Gary Danner have been developing audiovisual art and live performances, electronic music and net art for the last twenty-five years. Station Rose’s “Gunafa Clubbing”, which began in 1988, was the first art form in the world in a club format. In it, Elisa Rose (images, internet) and Gary Danner (sound) connected electronic audiovisual art with the internet in a live performance.
The first “Gunafa Clubbings” took place at the beginning of the 1990s in Frankfurt am Main and Vienna but also, for instance in San Francisco, Hamburg and Berlin. This was at a time when Techno, club culture, Projection Art and the World Wide Web was still in its infancy.

To celebrate the digital quarter century (1988-2013), Station Rose will once again put on one of its legendary performances in the Kunsthalle Wien.

STR´s contemporary artspace at Museumsquartier open 10am-10pm

"SINUS_welle____Station Rose confronts Fischer von Erlach with the Present & legt ihn in Ketten"

march 2013

"Digital Quarter Century" AV/Performance

AVsession02-MQ ______________________logo-DQC

performance:  "A/V Living Room Session #2" 

special performative tribute 01 to "Digital Quarter Century"

"Digital Quarter Century" program 2013.

The title is program, because 2013 will be a special year.

Station Rose/STR steers towards a 25-year “Digital Quarter Century “.
A quarter-century ago, Elisa Rose & Gary Danner opened the station in Vienna´s 4th district, Margaretenstr. 26, exactly on March 11th 1988. They switched on an entire district, which thus became an art center.
Even if it took galleries 10 years to move in, the fourth district is cited as an art district in tourist guides today.
After that, STR´s trip into Cyberspace, as well as the move to Frankfurt took place. Today STR are known as Pioneers of Digital Culture worldwide.
Since 2011 STR is back in Vienna, and has moved to the Museumsquartier recently.
STR was awarded the Lifetime Award for their artistic work by the City of Linz in 2012.

The audiovisual performance at Raum D/Museumsquartier is the start-up-sequence for the Digital Quarter Century.

content: The second in a series of "audiovisual performances at low volume", which are staged on Sunday afternoons. Station Rose´s digital A/V-performances are continued in a new setting at Museumsquartier: "Sound system meets projections meet re-materialization". Digital visual (Elisa Rose) and sound (Gary Danner) loops are the basis of improvisations, analog add-ons like vocals or guitar flow in. Elisa Rose & Gary Danner have been working on this live audiovisual artform since 1991. The audience is able to follow the process over projections and P.A. The artists will build an installation with analog and digital elements, perform live several times in the afternoon, will upgrade the room to an A/V-playground, and provide social gatherings to their guests. STR-A/V-performances took place in the clubculture, in galleries, museums and festivals during the last 20 years, now they will transform Raum D.

Visuals: Elisa Rose
Sound: Gary Danner

<Joint adVenture> with "Quantum Cinema" (SCHAURAUM Angewandte)

date: Sun, 10. 3. 2013, 6 - 9pm place: Raum D

Free entrance, bring your friends !

november 2012

"Kunstwuerdigungspreis". STR received the "City of Linz Lifetime Award" for their artistic work.

Station Rose at Vienna Art Week : Digital Tuesday at MQ

"Digital Memories":

a) 10 minutes-mini lecture "How Station Rose switched on Vienna´s 4th district, went into exile & Cyberspace in 1991, is digital since then & back to Vienna now."
Tue 20.11.2012, 7:10pm
Raum D, Museumsquartier Wien

b) opening "Best of Digital Archive 1988-2012"
micro-AV-performance, the artists will be present.
Tue 20.11.2012, 7:45pm
electric avenue, Museumsquartier Wien
content: varying audiovisual samples from Station Rose´s Digital Archive.
In 2008 Station Rose showed their typo3-archive for the first time at MAK Vienna during the exhibition "LogInCabin". It is online since then. At MQ excerpts can be seen and heard as a mixed-media-installation.

link MQ, Vienna Art Week, MQ-blog

october 2012

STR at Museumsquartier - JOUR FIXE 01/02/03 Exquisit_de luxe A/V

STR at Museumsquartier - grand opening 6/10/12 Exquisit_de luxe A/V
SAT 6.10. 6-11 pm
jour fixe: every THU, 18h-21h
Die Künstler sind anwesend. Museumsplatz1, A-1070 Vienna

:// media-installation :
- AV sculpture - PopUpSpace_showroom
- performative AV_Living Room Sessions
- networking

Reopening Station Rose im MQ/electric avenue am 6.10.2012 ab 18h
>>> "Nach 21 Jahren hat Station Rose, Pioniere der Digital Culture, wieder eine feste Location in Wien.
Zur Eröffnung gibt es eine A/V-Installation, A/V live, Drinks und
social activities. Die Künstler Elisa Rose & Gary Danner sind anwesend."

Die Station Rose ist ein begehbares Interface zwischen digitaler und
analoger Kunst. In der Station finden Ausstellungen,
Mixed-Media-Installationen, Performances & Theorieveranstaltungen statt.
Ein Art Space für popkulturelle Interventionen in
Bild und Ton. Station Rose: 1988 gegründet.



june 2012

STR at rhiz -
THU/21.6.12, 11pm
Vinyl presentation & AV-performance

cz 019 12“ STATION ROSE - even STRibber (june 2012)

vinyl tracklist:

released on comfortzone
presentation at rhiz club, Vienna


STR at Ve.Sch - Verein für Raum und Form in der bildenden Kunst
LiCvid_APProach_03 # __ <23hours_stop>
TUE/12.6.12, 9pm

19 - 24h, +43 (0) 676-6748796,; Schikanedergasse 11, A-1040 Wien


STR updates their installation at MQ in fashion modus with LiCvid_APProach_02#__ <fashion_stop>__
Kreuze, Blumen, Drachen" collection 1983, photo by Marcel Houf, Profil magazine 3/1984

To make a contribution to the MQ Summer of Fashion digital artists Station Rose go back in time, dive into their archives and show videoworks from their early fashion projects.

The artists started to make fashion performances in 1983, initiating Vienna´s fashion movement, labeled "U-mode" later. Elisa Rose was a student at Karl Lagerfeld´s class at Die Angewandte, and Gary Danner played live music with his band "Die Nervoesen Voegel". They worked in this mixed form of art, including performance, music, video and fashion mainly in the 80-ies. Nevertheless fashion is still part of their art today.

Videoworks (excerpts) shown : Elisa Rose jr. & Gary Danner/Die Nervösen Vögel

1983: "Kreuze, Blumen, Drachen", U4 club
1984: "Vorboten einer neuen Welt", Szene Wien & Posthof, Linz
1985: "Uranus mit seine 5 Monden", Museum of Modern Art, Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna
1989: "Gunafa Show", Ars Electronica

photowork by Station Rose & Elfie Semotan
2008: LogInCabin, MAK Vienna, RaucherInnen Zimmer

Lecture at Kunstuni Linz
MON/11.6.12, 11am-13pm

may 2012
STR updates their installation at MQ____________STR

january 2012

Künstler thematisieren die bahnbrechende Rolle der Avantgarde-Rockband CAN

Visual artists reflect on the pioneering role of the avant-garde rock band CAN

25.11. - 18.12.2011 Berlin

Station Rose as part of the
CAN-exhibit in Berlin & Stuttgart with
the videoartwork "Rheingau-Schnappschuss"

"Halleluhwah! Homage à CAN", which was shown previously in the Stuttgart gallery ABTART
with catalog (d/e) + Audio-CD contribution "Schnappschuss" , (modo Verlag, Freiburg i.Br.)

website Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien; website gallery ABTART


Station Rose is part of the
show in Los Angeles

credits: SCI-Arc

Southern California Institute of Architecture

even STRibber
Stationsbetrieb 04_
as part of VIENNA ART WEEK/ Digital Thursday at Museumsquartier
Elisa Rose & Gary Danner will be in their installation_

MQ/quartier 21/V_port/Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
6 pm - until 9 pm CET______

photo: Stefan Joham

Die 90er / The 90s
Beispiele und Oral Histories / Examples and Oral Histories
coco25.11. 2011 — 30.4. 2012

A series of presentations, informal exhibitions, and discussions on Vienna's alternative art scene during the 90s.

Kuratiert von / curated by Severin Dünser, Christian Kobald & Arye Wachsmuth at COCO.

We are pleased to announce the lecture we give on the 90-ies artscene in Vienna at COCO tonite, with a a special focus on the inititiaton and Start Up Sequence of Viennas´s 4th district. It is one of the art centers of today, and STR started as early as 1988. In the meantime a lot of galleries settled, as well as alternative spaces. It is a vivid area today.
Besides that we will talk about our early netactivities, the first techno-clubbing, etc.

The STR-lecture includes AV-examples & an exhibit,



25. November 2011, 20 Uhr / November 25, 2011, 8 pm
museum in progress (website)
Station Rose
at COCO Bauernmarkt 9 (Passage) 1010 Wien

100 min TV-documentation
Sat,1.10.2011, 8-10 p.m. prime time on is online now.

"Fernsehkunst - Experiment mit dem Medium"
Dieses Jahr widmen wir dem Experiment mit dem Medium einen besonders umfangreichen Programmschwerpunkt: Beginnend mit einem fast 2stündigen Porträt des Pionierduos „Station Rose“, Elisa Rose und Gary Danner, die im Wien der 80er Jahre erstmals den Kunstraum um den Cyberspace erweiterten und bis Heute auch die Visualistenszene, Clubkultur und Elektronische Musik prägen.

parallel :public viewing at Stationsbetrieb 03:
Sat,1.10.2011, 8-11 p.m.
MQ/quartier 21/V_port/Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
8pm - until 11pm ______

the artists will be there.


After 20 years in exile Station Rose´s headquarter is in Vienna again.

STR announces:________________september 2011

Stationsbetrieb 02: Friday, 9.9.2011, 8-11 p.m.
MQ/quartier 21/V_port/Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
9.9.2011, starting 8pm - until 11pm >_______________________
_STRIB_02__AVInstallation &Stationsbetrieb 02at Museumsquartier/V_port enters next phase.

Stationsbetrieb 02: Friday, 9.9.2011, 8-11 p.m.
MQ/quartier 21/V_port/Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna
9.9.2011, starting 8pm - until 11pm >_______________________Museumsquartier

STRIB_02 _ Stationsbetrieb 02 im MQ/V_port

The artists will be present.

foto by Stefan Joham & Marcel Houf

After being active abroad for over 20 years, next to activities in Vienna throughout the years, STR´s Elisa Rose and Gary Danner are back home in Vienna. In February 2011 their second base in Frankfurt a.M. was abandoned until further notice, and since then Station Rose´s headquarter is in Vienna again.

Station Rose/STR extend their presence at Museumsquartier, where they have been active since June, and continue to show the media installation "Station Rose is Back/STRIB_01" at V_port.

During the exhibition diverse STR-Field-Duty activities are planned, the next one - "Stationsbetrieb 02" - will take place Friday, 9.9., from 8 - 11 p.m. The field duty-activities at V_port at MQ continue now what STR had begun in the 4th district in 1988.

During the installation STRIB_01 STR will do upgrades step by step, and perform and interact live as artists.

Audiovisual installation STRIB_01 has been upgraded for Stationsbetrieb 02 after the summer.

The soundtrack has been refined, samples have been replaced and relocated, aural rooms redesigned.
Likewise the visual part has been upgraded, and is more in sync with sound now. Water as a theme is still a leitmotiv, gets a renewal with samples from the Venice lagoon as well as from the Danube.
The materialization continues, pieces of art made from fabric result from freezing the audiovisual flow, merge with the installation´s digital information, meander out from the shop window to the STReet.
-> The subject of "Recycling Surplus to Save Nature" plays a significant role, the used material´s sensuality meets new digital compositions.

At the coming Stationsbetrieb, neighbourly relations get cultivated at the MQ. Ready for communication, STR gets in touch with others, e.g. with monochrom, and others. The STReet of quartier 21 becomes the shared meeting point. For this occasion, monochrom will organize a hackbus community special event (

To all this you are cordially invited! Elisa Rose & Gary Danner

STR verlängert ihre Präsenz im Museumsquartier, wo sie seit Juni aktiv ist, und bespielt den V_port mit der Medieninstallation "Station Rose is Back/STRIB_01" weiter.

"Eine subtile audiovisuelle Intervention an einem urbanen Transitort der Kunst, die auch lange nach dem Verlassen noch im Hirn weiterbrummt." Didi Neidhart

:// german
Im Laufe der Ausstellung sind Stationsbetriebe geplant, der nächste - "Stationsbetrieb 02" - findet am FR, den 9.9.2011um 20h statt. Im Muqua wird somit eine Reihe fortgesetzt, die in der Station im 4.Bezirk 1988- 1991 gestartet wurde. Im Laufe der Zeit nimmt STR prozessuale STRIB_01- Installations-Updates vor, und wird zu gewissen Momenten als Künstler vor Ort agieren, performen.
Die audiovisuelle Installation STRIB_01 wurde nun nach dem Sommer für den Stationsbetrieb 02 upgedatet.
Der Soundtrack zur Installation STRIB_01 wurde verfeinert, Samplebausteine wurden ersetzt und modular umgestellt.
Ebenso wurde die visuelle Information einem Upgrade unterzogen, die Verflechtung mit der Musik weiter intensiviert.
Das Thema Wasser ist visuell nach wie vor ein Leitmotiv, erfährt ein nachsommerliches Venice_Meeres-Update unter paralleler Verwendung von Donau-Samples.
Die Verstofflichung schreitet weiter voran, neue Stoffarbeiten materialisieren sich aus dem gefreezten audiovisuellenFluss, verbinden sich mit der digitalen Information der Installation, mäandern aus dem Schaufenster heraus auf die
STRasse. Das Thema "Recycling Surplus to Save Nature" ist in der Produktion prominent eingesetzt. Die Sinnlichkeit von used material trifft auf neue digitale AV-Kompositionen.

Bei dem kommenden Stationsbetrieb 02 werden auch nachbarschaftliche MQ-Beziehungen gepflegt. Die kommunikations-bereite STR gets in touch with others, u.a durch Vernerdungen mit Monochrom &, etc. Die STRasse des quartier 21 ist der gemeinsame Treffpunkt.
Sie sind dazu herzlich eingeladen.



june 2011 STR announces:

Station Rose at V_port
AV-installation & Stationsbetrieb
Eröffnung: 6.6.2011, 19h

TRIB_01 _ Stationsbetrieb im MQ/V_port
Dauer: 6. Juni bis 10. September 2011

Nachdem Station Rose/STR 20 Jahre im Ausland tätig war, neben Aktivitäten in Wien throughout the years, sind Elisa Rose & Gary Danner nunmehr exclusiv in Wien zurück - back Home. Im Februar 2011 wurde ihre zweite Basis in Frankfurt/D aufgegeben, Station Rose´s Headquarter ist wieder in Wien.
Von 6. Juni bis 10.September wird STR den V_port mit der audiovisuellen Medieninstallation "Station Rose is Back/STRIB_01"bespielen. Im Lauf der Ausstellungsdauer sind diverse Stationsbetriebe geplant.
Stationsbetrieb 01: 22.6.2011

STR_activities worldwide so far:______Station im 4.Bezirk _________Pioneering AV-Kunst, Netzkunst, Electronic music__ media-sculpture LogInCabin_ Performances, TV, exhibitions, installations, artproduction, lectures_ <20 Digital Years plus> Archive & BOOK out now; online since
> Pioneers: Station Rose gilt als Pionier der Digital Culture, der Kunst der Neuen Medien, der Elektronischen Musik und der Net Art. Bereits 1988 hatte STR das Internet in ihre Kunst integriert, & 1989 ihren Techno Clubaktivitäten begonnen (erster Techno Club Wiens).

"Elisa Rose and Gary Danner were "out there" before there was a "there" to be "out" in." Bruce Sterling 2011

>4.Bezirk: Durch die Gründung der Station Rose in der Margaretenstrasse 26 im Jahr 1988 blüht & gedeiht dieser als Kultur- und Galerienbezirk. Station Rose hat den 4. Bezirk zu dem gemacht, was er heute ist.

Nun setzt der Stationsbetrieb im MQ/V_port wieder dort an, wo mit der Station im 4.Bezirk 1991 aufgehört wurde.

Während der Dauer der Installation STRIB 01 wird STR prozessual Updates vornehmen, und zu gewissen Momenten als Künstler vor Ort agieren und performen.


lecture at COCO Vienna

april 2011 STR announces:

In february 2011 STR closed their other basis in Frankfurt, after 20
years of STRategy and activity there.
"Den Blick aus dem Panoramafenster des Wohnturms im Frankfurter Nordend kennen viele: Skyline und Frankfurter Stadtverkehr wird des künftig nicht mehr geben in den visuellen Arbeiten von Elisa Rose, während Gary Danner elektronisch und mit seiner Gitarre den Sound mit den Bildern verbindet, hervorruft, wiederumspiegelt. Der Arbeits-und Wohnort hoch über Frankfurt ist geräumt... Weil sich, wie sie finden, in Frankfurt nicht mehr allzuviel tut, schon gar nicht in der Medienkunst und der Musik. Den „Postkrisenkapitalismus“ und die Gentrifizierung des einstmals bohemehaften Stadtteils Bornheim haben die beiden Künstler als lähmend erfahren, sagen sie, es fehlten der Austausch, die neuen Impulse." ...................Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 17.2.2011

"„Cliffhanger - Station Rose Jingle 2011"
- ffmic....radioart at ORF/Kunstradio

* version 2 : mpg3 file at ORF/Kunstradio with interview- online now
WE MOVED ON -------------->> NEXT LEVEL - more news are coming !
2) In between the move 2 Station Rose book-presentations happened at Austrian Cultural Forum London & at Furtherfield space in London in february 2011.
"The Digital Art of Station Rose started in Vienna in 1988, at a time when the Web
still was far beyond mainstream, when Mondo 2000 never had heard about the music
genre "Techno", when future net-art-critics still mostly were university students,
and when the Iron Curtain was surrounding Austria´s east, south east and north
The latest art of Station Rose refracts the logistics and glitches of the Internet
through the deceptively low-fi aesthetic of contemporary art's installations and
performances. "Twenty Digital Years Plus" shows how this fits into their history
of using the viruses of visual, verbal and computer language to find insightful
ways of conceptualising digital culture".
Rob Myers/

read the press-article here:


"Elisa Rose & Gary Danner were "out there" before there was a "there" to be "out"
in. -- Bruce Sterling,, 2010


october 2010 : new book "20 Digital Years plus" book out now.
The book - incl. CD and DVD - has beeb presented at Frankfurt book fair ... more
here, Verlag für Moderne Kunst Nürnberg

://WED 06.10.2010 (9:30 pm live): book-presentation at openbooks, Frankfurter Kunstverein......more here





://SUN 02.5.2010 (11pm live):
______________"Station Rose Jingle 2010" - radioart at ORF/Kunstradio

* version 2 : mpg3 file at ORF/Kunstradio with interview- already online now.

info :
Station Rose Jingle 2010

_____with interview, recorded by Elisabeth Zimmermann at Kunsthalle Wien in april 201

___ _____"axis + nature_____crisis____money_- Recycling Surplus to save Nature".
radio-art production with lots of guitar & a good-humoured Elisa Rose.

Following one of the leitmotifs, "New Media Arte Povera", of this years STR-Jingle for the radiostation ORF (in a tradition of 22 years now), this time Gary Danner made prominent use of analogue instruments, besides shredded samples, recycled and re-used.

Part 03 "axis + nature" is about "Frankfurt - Vienna -Cyberspace - a route that is more than hot".
One of STR´s contributions to a final victory over capitalism (as we know it....) still is
* "Recycling surplus to save nature!"

In part 04 ""MONEY MONEY MONEY" - as a follow up sequence - STR drops this remark:

"What about ART with basic income for everyone - to change the world - to change the world -
- basic income for everyone".

:// field research : capitalism gets weirder everyday__ the artists experience that firsthand in Frankfurt on a daily basis. Their question "What is the cosiest place in the world?" gets not answered by the artists, but is only displayed instead.


Gary Danner: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, sub bass, programming, keyboards, vocals.
Elisa Rose: vocals, text.
Kim Eva Danner-Eidlhuber: glockenspiel.

check out the online-archives on STR-radioart here.

://24.04.2010 (7pm - 2am):
______________"Close-Up_410" installation and performance
at "Nacht der Museen" Station Rose will create a media-installation & will perform live.
Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt, F.A.Z.Medienlounge /Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

STATION ROSE/STR are again <active> in their actual home-town Frankfurt with the AV-installation &
performance "Close-Up_410" at Kunsthalle Schirn, Kabinett 2.

Again this year for "Nacht der Museen", Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung commissioned Station Rose to create the "F.A.Z. Media Lounge". STR will set up an audiovisual installation, plus change parameters live sporadically inside.

While last year´s installation for F.A.Z. at Staedel museum stayed more settled in form of a DVD-loop of 20mins, this year´s installation at Kunsthalle Schirn - going for as long as 7 hours (7pm-2am) - includes live-performative moments, where Elisa Rose & Gary Danner will actively change/update their AV-room.

This marathonesque installation (with Sound System & 6 beamers) gave the opportunity to see & hear the artists play & develop their leitmotif <Close-Up_410>. There was no Zeitplan handed out for the performative moments, to keep track and follow the story you had to come back frequently.


cprint "Close_Up_410"

STR buildt a AV-installation with 6 beamers & sound system & played live.


://new: "Mythos Medienkunst" to let you know: we have been interviewed by Franz Xaver for the Austrian magazine "VERSORGERIN" in the march issue, focussing on the early netart years. we gave quite some answers on the black hole of art history, which we define between 1988-95, read it.
you can download it as pdf as well (in german, page 8+9), E.R.


10.02.2010: "Sit-In/Out" performance:
at Dresdner Bank, raum fuer kultur, Frankfurt


3 collages of photos : photos by Ernst Startmann, collage bhy Elisa Rose
more performance fotos can be found here

"Sit-In/Out" installation in the financial district of Frankurt. the room was not a white cube, but the ground floor of a skyscraper - with lots of grey glass. we built a cosy situation on stage, with a white wall for 1 projection behind, and 1 artobject, which later behaved as a projection object. the screens, as well as 3rd one on the right side, were mirrowed through the windows. it could be seen from outside, from the street, sending light impulses far away. The mirrowed screens touched the other skyscrapers around.


:// solo-exhibition "Violently Y/ours" - recycling surplus to save nature
at gallery Hofkabinett, Linz 15.01- 6.02.2010


// info: (photo of Station Rose at Tobias Rehberger´s studio)

hofkabinett-icon take a look at the exhibition here as pdf.

_press article & 1st photos at Kurt Bayers facebook -site

STATION ROSE/STR are back to their home-town Linz for the 2nd time, after their AV-performance at
Lentos museum in oct.09, this time with the solo-exhibition "Violently Y/ours" at gallery Hofkabinett.

Now the media artists go consciously away from the media art (scene)´s devoutness to the future, and
concentrate on the crisis-ridden present, with new digital & analog works.
______Life instead of Artificial Life, present instead of the future.

They call their current direction "New Media Arte Povera".

For the solo-exhibition this means that STR acts in the sense of not wasting material, which must be retained nowadays. When "Recycling Surplus to Save Nature", they use the surplus, the fall-out of their studio in Frankfurt as samples for new works, besides digital prints on cloth. A very personal material, recently used by Elisa Rose, are her (worn) tights, recycled to yarn. Stills from the AV-compositions "Violent", "Fussgaengerzone" and "Ornamental_409", performed at Lentos museum, now become stitched, printed, sewn pieces of art, transfered into <real> material. The 500 year old building, in which gallery Hofkabinett is accommodated, represents a further exciting contrast to the in the meantime 21 years of digitality of the artists.

In addition, AV-compositions will be shown, & a limited music-edtion
<on Audio-Cassette> will be available in the exhibition, too.

:// see the videos of the performance at Lentos museum here:
____"Zipped" )

:// huge videosreens became stitched small sized art pieces for the exhibit.
see the photos of the performance at Lentos here at flickr lentos.




:// groupshow Videorama - "Naturband" at KUNSTHALLE wien
Station Rose is part of the group show Videorama, Artclips from Austria, with the video "Naturband" (1985/86)
November 04th, 2009 - January 10th, 2010

:// info: " Naturband" 1985/6

One of the first " studioproductions" of Rose and Danner, 2 years before the establishment of Station
Rose. They produced Naturband during their studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where they
started to work together live audio-visually 1983/84.
The clip reflects the preoccupation of the artists with nature at that time, with distortion, as well as the
animism inherent in technology and nature, as well as their preference for a special lo-res image quality,
which they applied since then to their TV-program & natively in the net. The video was shot in VHS, and
edited in u-matic.
Elisa Rose: Camera, video; Gary Danner: Camera, music

The exhibition "Videorama" travels to->
Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, USA, 30 November, 2009 – 16 January, 2010
Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2010
Der Kunstverein, seit 1817. Hamburg, Germany, 2010
Galerie Henze & Ketterer, Bern, Switzerland, 28 November, 2009 – 27 February, 2010
Lalit Kala Akademie, National Academy of Art, New Delhi, India, 2010
MSU Museum der Moderne / Rupertinum, Salzburg, Austria, 2010
ParaSite, Hong Kong, China, 2010
Ullens Center For Contemporary Art, Peking, China, 2010
Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Kraichtal, Germany, 2010
Zacheta. National Gallery of Art, Warschau, Poland, 2010



A German and English booklet (ca. 60 p.) with 2 DVDs edited by the Kunsthalle Wien – Gerald Matt,
Angela Stief, and Gerhard Johann Lischka – will be published by Benteli Verlag to accompany the

press: EIKON '68 (feature Videorama)


:// performance at Lentos Museum, Linz/A 22/10/09
"Augenclick – Pheromonic_Hungry Walking Blues "
:// info:
Elisa Rose (visuals) & Gary Danner (sound) work together digitally since 1988,
perform live with computers since 1992. Picture & sound, loops & patterns vare composed at the same time.
:// un-text: Station Rose/STR sees its AV/Netart as a new language, which will destroy the language of letters.
For SeeThisSound STR builds a Pheromonic Area with projections, P.A. &re-materializations. The basis is their personal synchronization. The samples/substances, which STR delivers during the performance to the public,
steers the behavior. The complex pheromonic communication system of nature is used performatively in their digital art,
"Das Pheromonische" is manufactured as AV-liquid. Signals release behavior reactions.
<Worst case scenario> are alarm pheromones, where hungry cultural workers transfer increased aggression.
Thanks to Ma Rainey for helping us out with the title.


________photos at flickr______blog.see-this-sound_
___performance-videos (youtube): 1.Violent__2.Fussgaengerzone_-3.Zipped



:// performance at artspace Satellit in Frankfurt 30/10/09


performance-art-lab satellit, am Roemer, Frankfurt, between Schirn und Frankfurter Kunstverein,
a Station Rose evening at an art space called performance-art-lab satellit, installed in the (former)
Technisches Rathaus, Roemer, in Frankfurt. A building that is more than interesting, built between
1972-74. (The STR-studio/headquarter, installed in the 16th floor of a scyscraper is from 1972, too.)
IMHO the Technisches Rathaus (i.e. technical city hall) should be declared a historic monument/building &
be preserved - but cause Frankfurt is always under construction, at least it has been before the world financial crisis, the
city decided to tear it down & destroy it - soon. let´s see. (stills used from city hall, E.R.


another performance-still

_fotos: Ernst Stratmann, Station Rose


Station Rose 20 Digital Years _Database (in typo 3) - take a look here.



:// Commercial Works
- like for the F.A.Z

Commercial Works is a new partition of STR´ activities, and the start was not bad : we composed an AV-composition, animated the campagne & created an evening & installation for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung at Staedelmuseum_
take a look at the F.A.Z.-Lounge at Staedelmuseum


:// "Interstellar Overdrive" _Atom™ & Station Rose EP.

_______ limited edition, enhanced CD
___________ out on Third Ear, Japa, in feb.2009

Gary Danner: "Immediately after Syd Barrett died in 2006 I decided to record a tribute.
Later on I invited Atom™ to join in and contribute."


__________listen to the tracks at myspace; available on iTunes.

portraitfoto: Ernst Stratmann

The video was created simultaneously to the music by Elisa Rose.
clip "Krautstep Version", "Interstellar Overdrive EP"___________ youtube video here



:// "LogInCabin" - media sculpture & archive
__________________ MAK/Museum of Applied/Contemporary Arts, Vienna.

_______________________________________5.11.2008 - 25.1.2009

STR celebrated 20DY-MAKwith the media-sculpture "LogInCabin", at MAK Vienna.

20 Digital Years- The Archive is online since then.
The media sculpture (3,3 tons) has been sold after the exhibition.


photos by MAK/Wolfgang Woessner

As the 1st media art space in Vienna STR went back to the roots - after 20 Digital Years. For that Station Rose constructed a media architecture of 3,3 tons & used the the logcabin system - which goes back to Bronze Age - as a sample and updated it to LogInCabin. Sustainable wood meets LEDs & sound system. The media sculpture was on 24hours for 3 months. The LEDs needed 100% energy throughout sunlight/daytime, and 10% after 5pm. It was an intervention in city space - seen for miles, positioned on the MAK Terrasse plateau (built by Peter Noever).
Digital Art could be seen inside the scultpure, on the street & online.
phot-collection here:

f The Digital Archive was presented there as a premiere.

After the exhibiton the media sculpture has been sold to the artcollection of the City of Vienna. Because of its logcabin system it was constructed in 3 days, and un-built in 2. It can be rebuilt any time. Station Rose performed live twice during the exhibit.

details here

LICmosaic____the big photo-collection is at flickr _here__




:// "20 Digital Years - the Movie" at KUNSTHALLE wien.
_____video of the month #37: Station Rose


monographic artist screening.
¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ ¬¬
June 01st - June 30th, 2008 - Vienna, Museumsplatz 1/Museumsquartier

:// info:
2008 Station Rose/STR celebrated 20 Digital Years, and showed a film as their new piece of
art, as a representative cross-section of their audio-visual art, at Kunsthalle Wien for this occasion.

Many of the videos sampled and re-edited for The Movie have been created live during the webcasts
at their Frankfurt studio live @ home, for their TV series at hr-fernsehen/ARD digital "Best of Webcasting", as
well as during audiovisual live-performances in museums, at festivals and in the underground.
The basis of STR´s work is the interaction of visuals (Elisa Rose) and sound (Gary Danner). Both
compose their audiovisual art synchronously. Distillates thereof can re-materialize as
performances, installations, art products, CDs/vinyls/DVDs, net art projects, texts, TV shows etc.
While STR has installed and performed inside an audiovisual installation with 8 screens as early as
1991, their next step further now is in the opposite direction, by showing a one-channel projection
in the Ursula Blickle videolounge at Kunsthalle Wien.


The focus is on non-narrative dramaturgy & fictional story telling, which has been enhanced ever
since their audiovisual TV series. The real storylines are not in the spotlight, but get inverted
as breaks, as wild card and un-commercials between abstract MIDI-sequenced patterns.
The real world is featured as disruption, as glitch, as reset-button.
Digital abstract patterns, created by Elisa Rose since 1987, then on her Amiga computer, and the
use thereof, which had been confirmed during STR´s 8-month portgraduate studies in Cairo 1988/89,
take center stage ever since.
These attract interest together with RL/ real-life sequences, filmed on location (Vienna, Cairo,
Frankfurt, San Francisco, Linz, Lugano, Avignon, ICA London via Webcam).
The crossfading between scenes in movies has been replaced by short real-life interferences.
The soundtrack by Gary Danner was realized entirely on the computer, ranging from dry, minimal
electronica, over bass-heavy dub, to nods to Nino Rota stylistically. Special "vignettes" had been
created to fit the RL-interruptions, often backing the original sound recorded on location.
The movie is also a survey of the performative AV-flow of the art created in STR´s studio, with all
its drive as well as stops within the sequences.
Particular attention is given to subjective perception of time, digital glitches and the merger of
digital worlds and the (urban) nature surrounding us.
music composed, produced & performed by Gary Danner
visual art, performance, editing & camera by Elisa Rose

KUNSTHALLE wien "20 Digital Years_ the Movie" (06.08)

articles in skug by Heinrich Deisl
and in eikon #69 by Patricia Grzonka

Ursula Blickle Stiftung



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