"private://public" - the NEW BOOK by Station Rose plus Guests.

ISBN 3-85266-114-5, german & engl; 296 pages
edition selene, Vienna 2000.
STR in conversation with Geert Lovink, Petra Klaus & Hans Romanov, Bazon Brock, Birgit Richard, Stefan Weber, Thomas Feuerstein und Josephine Bosma.

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* Webcasting: www.stationrose.com
From the studio in the city of the Euro, Frankfurt, Station Rose/STR has been realizing the concept of a "digital webcasting station in the net" at stationrose.com, STReaming multimedia art into cyberspace as well as live conversations in realtime (minus 20 seconds). These compositions in realtime are the artistic output of STR as multimedia band, started in 1992 with Gunafa Clubbing, refined and radicalized with webcasting now. The seclusion of the multimedia studio, necessary for artistic creation, gets morphed into a webcam-situation, opening virtual windows: into the studio, to the street, into rooms of sounds & visuals, to conversational settings. As the webcasts are live-multimedia-art, they rarely become archived in the net. Like with a performance, they become past when the session or conversation is over.

* Topics: ->

STR in conversation with

- Geert Lovink on "the Net, Multimedia-Art
&Webcasting" (Webcast 34)
- Petra Klaus & Hans Romanov on "Underground?"
(Webcast 13)
- Birgit Richard on "Clubbing & Art "(Webcast 60)
- Bazon Brock on "Plug Ins & Recording of Realtime"
(Webcast 102)
- Josephine Bosma on "Netart& MIDI-live-
Performance" (Webcast 105)
- Stefan Weber on "Real/constructed, Dualism &
Anti-Distortion (Webcast 109)
- Thomas Feuerstein on attractive Attractors, Steady
State& Life after History/LAH. (Webcast 110)

  * Das Buch "private://public"

Out of a wealth of exciting talks from the past webcasts we could choose only a few, which are published as transscripts. Instead of vanishing in Cyberspace after a webcast, a selection of these has now been brought to paper. "private://public" is published by Vienna´s edition selene, publisher of STR´s first book, "1st Decade". Artwork and concept of the book is by Station Rose. The mode of production can be called inverse publishing: the conversations took place in the net originally, out of that the book and the symposium have been created. Besides the transcribed conversations STR wrote short texts around the conversations´ featured topics as well as an introduction to webcasting. "private://public" is the first publication of a book in German on this topic realized by artists.

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Geert Lovink
Bazon Brock
Petra Klaus
Hans Romanov
Josephine Bosma
Thomas Feuerstein
Stefan Weber
Birgit Richard

webcast 100.


* presentation at filesharing,
Berlin: 11.00
* Symposium_3: im MAK/ Museum of
Applied Arts,Vienna: 31.10.00

Book Presentation and Symposium with

      - Stefan Weber: "Real/Konstruiert"
      - Thomas Feuerstein: "Sample Minds"
      - Elisa Rose & Gary Danner/Station Rose: "Life After History/Anti-Distortion"
Vortragsaal: Symposium
Foyer des Vortragsaales: Bar & Multimedia-Installation
Zur Präsentation findet ein Symposium im MAK statt. Zwei der Gesprächspartner, Stefan Weber und Thomas Feuerstein, werden mit
Elisa Rose und Gary Danner über Webcasting, das momentan heißeste Thema im Netz diskutieren. Ort dieser Gespräche wird der Vortragssaal im MAK sein. Im Foyer des Vortragssaales Multimedia-Lounge - Soundz (Gary Danner) & Visuals (Elisa Rose). .

supported by:

Österr.Bundeskanzleramt Sektion für Kunstangelegenheiten; Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Dezernat für Kultur und Freizeit; Hess.Minsiterium f.Wissenschaft und Forschung.



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"Webcast forever - Build poetical hedges against digital tyranny"
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