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"Interstellar Overdrive"
Atomô & Station Rose
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Composer and musician Gary Danner of Station Rose decided to cover Interstellar Overdrive in 2006. After he had finished a few first versions.... read the text as a pdf here.

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"Stepper EP " 4 track EP, gunafa 12 "Live @home " LP, gunafa 11 "Playing Now" LP, gunafa 9 ":// on Demand" 4 track EP, gunafa 10
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* "Manifestation" EP
out july 2003
label: eternity
distribution by Neuton

Gunafa Label <live@home4> l

distribution by Neuton

Videoclip, realvideo format





Smoother Than Strange
Videoclip, realvideo format

Clicks & Cuts 2

Mille Plateaux

distribution by EFA


DAVE remixed
Gigolo 46.
distribution by EFA





- the early days (1992-1996) at the gunafa-WELL site

Gunafa Label

* <webcast day 92> lincl. remix by Move D
* <playing now> CD
* <live @home 2> -
* <live @home1> Vinyl

distribution by Neuton
webcast day 92
Videoclip, realvideo format

on Crippled Dick Hot Wax.

distribution by EFA